Space-Saving Solutions for Your Home

Space-Saving Solutions

Nearly every homeowner has struggled to keep their home decluttered and organized. It begins with daily tidying up and ends with a last-minute cleaning scramble before guests come over. Maintaining a neat home seems an impossible feat, but you don’t have to be a minimalist to keep it clean. These space-saving solutions can help:

Be Open

Consider an open floorplan if you are planning to build or renovate. Open layouts are highly popular for home builders and buyers because they make a house seem larger than it is and offer many functional benefits as well. This popular home design often features a bright and airy great room that serves multiple purposes. Perfect for entertaining and everyday family life, open layouts give you more space to maneuver through high-traffic areas.


Take a cue from the tiny-house movement. That doesn’t mean you have to live in a compact home. Instead, choose modular furniture that folds, bends, stacks, and expands as you need it. Purchase drop leaf tables, storage cubes, and folding benches, or add a pullout couch to make a room double as an office and guest accommodations.


Make the space work for you with built-in storage and nooks. Instead of a large freestanding entertainment center, hide a wall-mounted flat screen tv in a built-in cabinet. Incorporate a wine rack and glass display cabinets in the dining room wall instead of a bulky hutch. Here are some other strategic home organization ideas:

  • Drawers or cabinets under the stairs.
  • A fireplace surround in the living room.
  • Mudroom lockers in the garage.
  • A built-in garage toolbox or craft room cubbies.
  • Shoe storage, compartments, and a built-in ironing table in the closet.
  • Recessed shower shelves and niches.

Hire a Professional

In home design, there are nuances that only a trained professional can recognize and solve. A team of project managers, designers, architects, and construction experts is essential for a successful, on-budget outcome. If you are looking to start fresh, trust Wooddale Builders to design a custom home that will fit your lifestyle.

We provide personalized service, fine design, and exceptional craftsmanship from project concept to completion. View our custom home gallery to see how we’ve incorporated handcrafted finishes, beautiful built-ins, and other space-saving features for our clients’ ultimate convenience.

We also offer large-scale renovation services if you are looking to knock down a few walls or upgrade a room. View our renovations gallery to see how we’ve transformed countless rooms into living spaces with a perfect blend of charming and useful features. Contact us to learn more.