Checklist for Building Your Ideal Home

Checklist for Building Your Ideal Home

Building a custom home is no small feat, but don’t be overwhelmed by all the decisions you need to make. Instead, know your options and have fun making your dreams a reality. Take a deep breath and go through this checklist for building your ideal home:

Determine Your Budget

The first thing you should decide before designing the home is your budget. How much do you want to spend? Then, take a look at what comes standard with the prospective builder’s contract. Think about how you’ll want to landscape, decorate, and furnish the home. If you factor in all costs, you can obtain the right financing and avoid surprises.

If you plan on taking out a loan, check your credit report, talk to multiple lenders, consider mortgage options, and plan to make a down payment.

Choose a Location

Check out the natural surroundings of the lot you plan to build on, such as hills, trees, and bodies of water. Be aware of location features that may impact long-term costs, quality of living, and convenience:

  • Property taxes
  • Local ordinances
  • School districts
  • Privacy
  • Traffic
  • Recreation and retail

Coordinate a Timeframe

Do you have children on the way or need to wait until your child’s school year is over before moving to a new district? When you meet with a potential builder, ask them how long the project will take and adjust accordingly. If you’re living in an apartment and bound by a lease or trying to close on a house, you’ll want to coordinate that timeframe with the completion of your new home.

Design Your Layout

A custom home is a big investment, so plan for the future. You’re building this house for yourself, after all. When you design a new home, carefully consider how you’ll use the space on a day-to-day basis. First, evaluate how large you want the new home to be based on your budget, zoning restrictions, or local ordinances. How many stories and how many rooms? Make a list of needs, wants, and spaces most important to you. Consider special features like architectural elements, unique places for recreational activities, and luxury amenities.

If you’re not sure where to start, trust an experienced custom home builder to help you through the entire process. Wooddale Builders provides custom single-family homes, luxury villas and townhomes, and whole home renovations. Our experienced team can guide you through your options to design and build your dream home. Watch our video to discover the benefits of partnering with Wooddale Builders.

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