4 Custom Home Trends of 2024: The Year’s Top Styles

With 2024 finally here, those of us in the homebuilding industry have set our eyes on the trends brought by the new year. From new colors and materials to fresh design philosophies, 2024 is bringing many exciting custom home trends. As a leading builder of luxury homes, we make sure to stay current on these trends so we can help our clients navigate the dynamic building landscape year after year. Let’s take a look at four home design ideas that are likely to dominate the industry this year.

Biophilic Design

This approach to interior design has been popular for a few years, and we expect it to become even more prominent this year. Biophilic design is rooted in the biophilia hypothesis, which proposes that humans are genetically predisposed to seek connections with nature. But whether it’s in our DNA or not, it’s easy to see how natural elements can enhance a home’s beauty.

Materials like wood, stone, and even leather are growing in popularity as homeowners seek to evoke an organic atmosphere indoors. Houseplants of varying sizes add natural accents to any space. Many interior designers also recommend large windows and skylights to flood your home with natural light and help break down the barrier between indoors and outdoors.

Warm and Welcoming Colors

Cool grays had their moment in the spotlight, but many homeowners are now gravitating toward warmer neutrals to adorn their walls and furnishings. Brown is leading this trend, and many are declaring it one of the biggest colors of 2024. From chocolate tones to caramel and beige, browns bring depth and quiet calm to a home. These earthy shades are also another example of our growing desire to make our homes feel more connected to nature.

Authentic Materials

As people become more aware of their homes’ environmental impact, many seek more sustainable design solutions. Coupled with this trend is the move toward more authentic, personal elements that can make your home feel unique and organic. This is leading many homeowners and designers alike to seek out artisanal, hand-made pieces or hire craftspeople to create something truly special. Reclaimed and rescued materials reduce waste while enriching your space with history and welcoming charm. Another popular trend is utilizing wood from trees that were cleared from the building site. This sustainable practice makes your home feel more connected to its environment while adding a touch of natural beauty.

Rise of the Smart Home

Technology continues to advance and integrate further into our everyday lives with each passing year, and we expect the coming months to bring more innovations in smart home design. Smart thermostats and lighting can save energy and increase comfort throughout the year, while advanced home security systems grant greater peace of mind. Voice assistants put you in control of your home’s functionality, making it easier than ever to adjust lighting and music. We’re also seeing a growing interest in automated blinds that optimize natural light inside your home.

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