5 Home Addition Benefits


If you’ve looked around your home and wondered about making an adjustment here or adding on there, you’re not alone. Life changes by the day. And you want your home to remain comfortable and functional to accommodate those changes. Depending on the home and the homeowner, there are any number of reasons to consider adding on. Let’s get started with these five home addition benefits.

More Storage Space

We’re not talking about collecting and keeping things simply to have them. Like many others, you likely have a lot of items in your home that you use often but that don’t have their own dedicated space. This could be crafting or art supplies; sports, music, or photography equipment; kids’ or dog toys; or any other thing that gets used but is never put away — because there isn’t a place to put it.

The team at Wooddale Builders has a solution. Our master craftspeople can design and add on a hobby room, recording studio, or mud room. You’ll have a delegated space for your things and subsequently more organization throughout your home.

Specially Designed Areas

Maybe you’re using your guest bedroom as a home office or you’re making music in the garage. Perhaps you’ve lined every shelf throughout the home with books you’ve collected and read over the years. Again, these things need a specially designed area, and the Wooddale team can help make that happen.

Free up that guest room and let us add on a space for a home office — with plenty of natural light to inspire you to get things done. If a music room is what you’re after, we’ll design and build a practical space, complete with ideal acoustics and soundproofing. You’ve always wanted a personal library? We can do that, too — with plenty of custom, built-in shelving. And that sunroom, playroom for the kids, or home gym are just a phone call away.

Have Room to Grow — or Host

The kids are getting older and want their own space, separate from the sibling with whom they’ve always shared a room. Sound familiar?

Do you have out-of-town guests frequently visit and stay for a few days? Or maybe your parents are getting older and feel more comfortable in a place where someone is always around to help. Wooddale has the solution.

If your home is short on rooms, we can add on a bedroom (or two!) to accommodate your guests or growing family. Whether short term or long, you’ll have the space you need for everyone to feel right at home under your roof. And you’ll no longer have to play “musical sleeping arrangements” to host overnight family or friends.

Avoid the Moving Hassle

You love your home and its location, but the space inside feels cramped and claustrophobic. Again, this happens as homeowners acquire things, develop hobbies, and start families. While moving to a larger home is an option, adding onto your current home is a possibility, too.

If you need space to grow and don’t want to go, Wooddale knows just what to do. Avoid the hassle of listing your home and hunting for another. Our design and build teams can extend your current living space to provide the room you and your family need. We’ll make the necessary changes to enhance your home in its ideal location. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your space has everything you need.

Increase Value

An addition can increase the value of your home — in more ways than one. If you eventually decide to sell your home, the addition may make your home appealing to a wider range of buyers and reel in a bigger price tag.

But an addition also increases equity, which is the assessed value of your home minus what you owe on your mortgage. If, at some point, you wanted to take out a loan, having a home addition helps boost your loan amount.

And there’s also the personal value of adding on. When you are comfortable and have everything you need at home, that feeling is invaluable. An addition helps create the exact home you want in the perfect location.

Count On Us

These are just five home addition benefits. Depending on your needs and the design of your current home, you may have other reasons to consider adding on. Whatever those reasons, Wooddale Builders is here to help. Our award-winning team will discuss your needs and design a plan to enhance your home to make sure you and your family have the space you need. Contact us today to get started.