4 Benefits of Townhome Living


You’ve probably imagined your dream home and every detail about it, from its location and size to the high-end finishes and even the custom built-ins. Is that home you’ve envisioned a standalone residence? Or have you considered cozying up in a townhome? Keep reading to discover four benefits of townhome living and why this option might be the ideal choice for your forever home.

The Downhome Townhome

Wooddale Builders is known for its design and construction of the most incredible custom luxury homes. Our portfolio includes opulent single-family homes as well as extravagant villas and townhomes.

At their essence, townhomes are multi-level homes that adjoin with another, often sharing a wall. Many are consistent in structure and built among others within a community that is usually managed by an association. And townhome living affords plenty of advantages.

Easier to Maintain

Homeowners have a lot of responsibility when it comes to maintenance. Townhome living offers the benefit of homeownership with less upkeep obligation, thanks to community associations. With a townhome, you can enjoy a lush, beautifully landscaped yard without spending your free time mowing and edging the grass, raking leaves, or pulling weeds. Your association takes care of the busy work.

What’s more, driveways and sidewalks are cleared of snow in the winter. And exterior home improvements are a mere phone call (or online request) away.

Added Conveniences

Living in a townhome neighborhood usually includes a variety of shared extras. Those may include access to a community pool, fitness center, playground or recreation equipment for children, dog park, picnicking area, and more. Some communities may also have rental pavilions or other areas for parties or entertaining large groups. And the best part is the association manages pool and equipment upkeep and handles rental requests.

In addition to providing space for hobbies and activities, neighborhoods often provide sanitation and recycling services and assistance with pest control.

Sense of Protection

Most townhome communities are nestled in an area behind a security gate, adding extra protection for and reduced traffic through the neighborhood as a whole. An abundance of streetlights offers additional safety at night. And most neighbors are close in proximity to one another, providing peace of mind that others are around in the event of an emergency.

Community Atmosphere

Sharing a wall or driveway with the unit next door lends itself to inherent fellowship. Most communities of townhomes exist on the same block or within the same territory. This allows neighbors the chance to talk and get to know one another. Seeing other residents in communal areas within the neighborhood also helps to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Having this sense of community helps new residents get to know the people and the area, and it allows a place for retirees or seniors to settle in, enjoy an independent lifestyle, and feel at home.

Let Wooddale Help

Among many others, these are only four benefits of townhome living. The quality build team at Wooddale finds some of the best and most desirable neighborhoods for designing and crafting custom luxury townhomes. Learn more about our current developments or contact us today to get started on planning your dream project.