Wooddale Can Help You Tackle Home Renovation


As Minnesota’s leading builder of custom luxury homes, you may be unaware that Wooddale Builders is also an authority on remodeling projects. That’s right. And with summer in full swing, now is the time to consider the addition or upgrade you’ve been thinking about. Give us your ideas, and Wooddale can help you tackle home renovation, no matter the project size.


Perhaps your thriving family has outgrown your current home, but you love the location and would prefer to stay put. Or maybe you’re finally ready to supplement your living space with an additional room or two. No problem. Wooddale can help with ideas for design and materials to ensure you get exactly what you want.

What’s more, you’re adding onto an already existing footprint. That means you get the extra square footage you and your family need without the hassle of packing and moving.


Maybe you want to add a little splash to the exterior. A home makeover can help increase curb appeal and update its possibly decades-old look. Add a pop of color with trim boards or shutters. Or perhaps you want to try something new and supplement the design with some texture. Even a more inviting entryway can enhance your home’s image.

Our design team can offer endless possibilities for decorative accent walls, architectural changes, incorporating metal finishes, and more. We listen to your ideas and personalize a design to work with your home’s style, your preferences, and your budget.

And let’s not forget that coveted porch. A front porch can add style as well as functionality while extending your living space. And no matter the size or space needed, the residential porch builders at Wooddale can design and install the perfect area for you.


We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so be sure yours has everything you want to provide a welcoming space for gathering, socializing, and eating with family and friends.

Your space is cramped or closed off from the rest of the house? Not to worry. Wooddale can transform the design and layout to create a kitchen you’re proud to show off. We can add a corner bench, breakfast nook, or bar area with additional seating. An open kitchen means an open heart.

If a kitchen island is what you’re after, we can make that happen. That extra space can serve as an area for meal prep, banquet-style serving, countertop appliances, or a place to have drinks and hors d’oeuvres with a packed house of guests. If you prefer, we’ll even design space for a sink or appliances for added functionality.

And what about those cabinets? Your kitchen storage may be lacking or outdated, but we can fix that. The Wooddale team will reconfigure cabinetry, adding more storage or open-air shelving to bring your space up to date on aesthetics and trends. Increased storage frees up countertops for a more streamlined look and easier access when preparing meals.

Trust Wooddale

These are just some ideas for home upgrades. Wooddale can also redesign bedrooms and bathrooms for a better layout or functionality, or the lower level to create a family room or entertainment space. Whatever your home needs, trust Wooddale to deliver.

No matter your project or its size, our team is ready to draft and implement remodeling ideas that you will love. We’ll help you tackle home renovation and oversee your project from the planning stages through completion. The dedication and craftsmanship of Wooddale Builders guarantee you’ll get everything you dreamed of and more. Contact us today to get started.