Key Residential Design Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Key residential design trends for 2020

The new decade is upon us and it’s ushering in some major changes in residential home design. An emphasis on healthy living, the return to home entertaining, and home automation with more space and conveniences are key considerations for today’s prospective homeowner. Let’s take a look at the leading residential design trends for 2020 and what this could mean for you when building your custom home.

Expanded Outdoor Living

Today’s modern lifestyle is becoming increasingly informal. Open-space layouts, great rooms, and large dens have replaced formal living and dining rooms, emphasizing connection and interaction in the home. This has contributed to the growth and popularity of outdoor living areas. Decks, patios, and outdoor grills will continue to be mainstays, but the trend will expand to outdoor kitchens and even furnished outdoor rooms.

Growth of Home Offices

The last decade saw a rise in telecommuting and the expansion of home-based businesses. The need for home offices is increasing and this trend is reflected in today’s home design. However, the variety and varied usage of smart devices and media hubs means the home office will not be static or confined to one designated room in the house. We’ll see charging stations placed throughout the home for added convenience so devices can be stored, charged, and used.

True Smart Home Automation

It’s a fact. Technology makes the spaces we inhabit more comfortable, entertaining, and safe. As technology advances and becomes more powerful, we can expect our homes to help us in new and innovative ways. Imagine facial recognition security systems, smart thermostats that adapt to the homeowner’s behaviors, and refrigerators that use learning algorithms to shop for groceries. In the next decade, technologies driven by artificial intelligence will change the way we live by creating smart homes that are not just connected to the internet, but can learn, make decisions, and think.

Open Multipurpose Spaces

Home design for 2020 and beyond will focus on creating a diaphanous environment with large, open spaces, and ethereal design details to make a home seem balanced and more welcoming. This decade is all about connectivity and interaction. You’ll see a return to entertaining at home with more family get-togethers and movie and game nights. Parents want to see their kids while cooking and doing other household chores, so the emphasis is on the blending of rooms. Designers are incorporating building materials that create cohesiveness and serve as a link between rooms such as flooring to gain space and add light.

Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

It’s no surprise that as designs trend towards large, open spaces for connection and interaction, kitchens are evolving into the epicenter of the home. The centrality of the kitchen relative to the rest of the household is the standard in most new homes and the trend will continue well into the next decade.

As we welcome in the new decade, the future of residential home design will focus on comfort, efficiency, and interaction. New, cutting-edge technology will be built directly into the home, making our lives more productive while open, ethereal interiors will add balance, harmony, and ease to accommodate our busy, technology-driven lifestyles.

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